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25 Years of Industry Experience at Your Disposal

Looking for a new PC or considering an upgrade? I can assist you in making informed decisions to maximize the value of your investment.

Require repairs? I can guide you through the process of diagnosing the problem and resolving it.

Interested in a custom build? I'm here to support you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.

About Our Services

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Our services provide guidance, expertise, and insights to address your technology requirements. With years of experience in the industry, I can navigate you towards the finest deals, top vendors, and optimal strategies to maximize the value of your investments.

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Custom PC's

If you're keen on assembling your own PC, I offer comprehensive assistance in the planning, sourcing of optimal components for the best prices, assembly, and setup.

Prefer a hands-off approach? No worries. I specialize in crafting high-quality computers customized to your specific needs and budget. Each bespoke build is meticulously constructed in-house, rigorously tested, and promptly shipped upon completion.

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Repairs & Upgrades

Encountering technical issues? Seeking enhancements? Rest assured, I am here to assist you.

Whether you require troubleshooting for technical glitches or desire to optimize your system, my expertise is at your disposal. I am committed to empowering you with all the knowledge to make the best decisions. Let us collaborate to ensure the seamless and efficient operation of your technological assets.

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Hear From Our Clients

Michael Salas

What I love about working with PH is when I call, my IT issues are handled Immediately. In most cases, I have a call back from him within 30 minutes and the problem is resolved on the spot remotely, or my ticket is escalated and I can follow it online. PH is a qualified IT technician and very understanding that most ordinary users are not as technical

Martin Renkis

PH Took our company under his wing from day one and guided us in all our hardware decisions. He helped us find and develop the best solutions for our thousands of customers and our internal teams too. He can work with any budget and get the job done.

Corey Carter

PH has been an absolute life-saver when it comes to service in tech. He has assisted me with the utmost care and professionalism in not only getting the correct hardware parts I needed, but also in being there when I needed hand holding for assembly and updating. He is personable and knowledgeable in what he does. He asked me what I would primarily be using my PC for and gave me all the best parts I needed to make it happen without also going over my budget. He is fantastic to work with.

We provide expertise to create tailored computer solutions for individuals and businesses.

Ready to Get Started?

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Kindly email us with your next idea, and we'll arrange a consultation meeting to explore your options further!

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